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Practice Makes Perfect

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Here’s a little tip in how you can make light blonde hair appear “shiny” in B/W drawing or comic pages. 

Use thin lines and make sure they follow the direction of the hair and/or head shape. Also have some space between the lines so they don’t appear too dark (like for example around her bangs).

Man I love inking comic pages. It’s a bit different from just doing lineart ya know? <3

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Art tip - mostly for myself to remember, but maybe some of you can benefit from it, too:

Don’t go over-detailed. Don’t over-ZOOM.

When drawing digitally, like to work big, but that also tempts me to zoom in a million %  and paint tiny details like eyelashes and whatnot, and when I zoom out to original size again, something looks just off. That’s because the detail I might know to be right anatomically is not how we actually see things from a distance. It often leaves me with a feeling of being less than homogenous, and the shadows tend to be off, too, because zoomed in I often do not consider the surroundings of a segment. And that leaves me with a lot of details thrown together that don’t make a connected picture.

See above: the first picture was too detailed. I zoomed out to #2 and changed some things, resulting in #3 original size. Still not happy, but better.

For the rest of the painting, I order myself a bit of a zoom-stop (which doesn’t say I won’t do it, just that I try not to go overboard) and hope for the best.

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