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Spider Squid Productions


Have I mentioned lately that I have a couple podcasts and a comic and game reviews and an entire website with cool stuff that my friends and I do? Cause I do. It’s right at that link. I’ll even make it super easy for you.

Dead, The Comic updates Wednesdays.

What to do in a world where monsters are real and very much commonplace? Who would you call if there’s a nest of vampires in your neighbor’s attic? A poltergeist haunting your mother’s pool? Well, you’d call the Exterminators, of course. Follow Victoria and Julia as they go about their jobs as monster hunters, all while trying to figure out the darker secrets the world hides.

The Hunted: Sky updates every other Friday. (Kinda.)

Follow Grace as she accidentally leaves home; a giant, flying city high above a desolated world, and learns what’s really out there.

Percentages. Updates Sunday or Monday. (Probably Monday from now on.)

More of a ramblecast of mine than anything, I’m still getting a feel for it. Going to start having my partner fuckrunningzombies join in whenever possible to talk about life, work and generally ramble about whatever is on our mind.

(This one is kinda explicit and sometimes I talk about really heavy/depressing/triggering stuff so if you do listen please always check the description on the site for the warning. I’ll also put it in the title of the episode if there are anymore like that in the future.)

Throwback. Updates Thursdays…kinda.

(I don’t have an image for it so take a screenshot.)

Reviews of older games, indie titles and sometimes early access stuff. I’m far from a professional reviewer, I pretty much just say what I like and dislike about a game and that’s it. But, there’s pictures (and soon video) and really I just do it so I can maybe share an overlooked game or two cause there’s a lot out there and they’re all really awesome.

There’s also blogs where Max, Amanda and I all share our art and spill our guts about whatever from time to time, if you’re interested in that sorta thing. We’re always trying to think up new things to add to the site, so check back from time to time to see what’s new.

Patreon (Yeah, we’re doin’ it too.)

Also, if you’re really into us and like what we’re doing we have a Patreon campaign right here. Big explanation with a lot more text and all that at the link.

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Coey & Shy’s Terrible Summer Fund and Shy’s Commissions

Hello, everyone!
Well, things have gotten so tight, we’ve had to swallow our pride and make an Indiegogo campaign to help us get back on our feet. The IGG page goes into detail, but the TL;DR is we’ve had so many unexpected and expensive bills between my trips (and probable future trips) to the hospital, the tree falling on the house and the damage it caused, and one of our cats needing surgery soon, that everything is backed up, financially. We can’t afford even basics for the time being, like restocking inventory for Otakon (which is in less than a month), getting the car fixed, down to basic bills which are going to start coming in soon.

The IGG campaign gives out thank-you cards, prints, stickers, and discounts to our Etsy shop. It’s difficult for us to stomach blatantly asking for financial help, so we tried to compensate any donations a bit, somehow.

Also I (Shy) am taking marker-coloured character-commissions through the IGG campaign for $50 (this includes shipping the piece to you). I’ve been thinking of taking some, anyway, so it just seemed to fit in as a perk for IGG. Here’s examples of my marker work.

Regardless of if you can contribute or not, it would be a HUGE help if you would reblog/retweet this to get word around. With our next con being still a month away, and a lot to pay for before it, We’re really in a bind!

Thanks so much to everyone who’s been so kind to us in the past, and for anyone who contributes or reblogs this IGG post!

Thank you to anyone who’s able to help, reblog or queue up for the next fe days @ o @ . It’s really appreciated!!!! and it’s a GREAT chance to snag some original art by Shy , something that she doesn’t do often!!! Also thanks to anyone who can’t donate but deals w/ seeing this post T v T;;; Take care everyone! XOXOXOX

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To any Tumblrites who are deaf, hard of hearing, know people who are, or just enjoy cool tech, a start-up called MotionSavvy is working on technology that uses Leap Motion to recognize sign language and and outputs written or spoken English.  The project was started by a group of deaf students at RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf (yay RIT!) who moved to San Francisco to develop the product with Leap.

The team has over 800 deaf beta testers, but they are looking for more.  They hope to have a product available to consumers by September of 2015.

For more information, check out this TechCrunch article and this video.

Reblogged for deaf/HoH/etc ppl who sign

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Admin Jabber is really hurting for cash



I know I’ve advertised artist combo power a bunch, and that I’ve mentioned it before. but we’ve still not got off the ground and I’m having to try and get money in any way I can.

I’m offering 5 dollar character bust commissions. I’ll draw any character from any fandom or even OCs! I’m very flexible and can even do Fursonas and aliens and what not! I’m really strapped for cash now and I lost my scholarship, if you aren’t interested please promo - I have to make $450 by the 15th of june and need to get it as soon as possible!

I have examples here!

Come on my folks! If you have ANY spare cash, help out my friend here!


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Hey, so I’m gonna try this again.

I’m getting pretty desperate for some extra money. Work’s hours have been severely cut, and its getting to the point where they are sending me home earlier then what i’m scheduled for. 

If I want to be able to pay my bills, and make sure that I have money to eat during the two weeks i’m on vacation, I’m doing commissions fr much cheaper then I hoped I had to.

Sketches - $5.00

Flats - $10.00

I will add other characters for $2.00

Please send an ask to my inbox if interested, or email me at and I will provide you with my paypal address. If you’re not interested, please reblog this and signal boost.

Thank you.

Waiting list:


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Commissions are open (and have been for a while), but I really need the extra coin right now. I am not going to beg, but it would make me feel more comfortable as I have quit my job and now I am unemployed with expenses in Vancouver to pay. Woohoo.

Long story short, I am tired of delayed pay cheques, harassment, and ultimately no respect in my workplace so I have left my job in search of something that will stop leaving me with so much stress. Stress that adds on to the stress I already have with college. Mix the two together and you get a very horrible soup of unmotivated art student.

Please at least reblog this and pass the word around if you don’t have the money. I know everyone’s going through a rough time. Wish me luck on job hunting.

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