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Yeah so I made a thing. Idk I was just bored and wanted to add some variety to the people I draw so I tried to make these with characteristics I dont see as much in what I draw.

Ok so  was thinking about girls for most of the time I made these but they’re pretty versatile so I guess you could do  whatever I don’t really care.

And if you use this to draw something you post tag me in it with #queenofawkward27 cuz I’m curious to see the results

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Paint tool SAI Masterpost


Okay so someone i follow lost all of her custom brushes so i made a masterpost for anybody who needed it


First i have some links:

link 1

link 2

link 3

link 4

link 5

And now full pictures i found in google a looong time ago:






And last a blog with a bunch of these: (though it doesn’t update much)

erhmm…yep that’s about it



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Skulls, Noses and Lips and a great painting process all done by Griffinfly!


The skull model is a google sketch up model you can grab from 3d warehouse.

If you do the skull studies I would suggest throwing some eyes into the skull for an added bonus and it gives an awesome creepy personality to the skull. It’s something I picked up from my kickass teacher Erik Gist.

some of these I’ve posted before, but, it’s always a good refresher!

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