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Hair tips


okkay! so i plan to do a few of these tip thingies where i just give some advice on how i draw stuff since that anon asked (usually if cool things like that are asked i do them hehe)

but first one is hair (if you have a suggestion just drop in ma ask box)


when i draw my hair, i always keep in mind where the roots are, and what kind of hair i’m drawing. Here it’s semi-wavy. I try to make a lot of light and short brush strokes. I just be loose and go with the flow of wherever i feel like the hair would fall on the head.

the one next to it is how i used to draw hair a long time ago. I didnt use strokes, i only drew the hair in one flat line. I made the pieces of hair sharp and jagged. bad. also, if you notice i didn’t even take into account where the skull of the character is- technically the hair is cutting into his head.

Here’s the strands im talking about together. The first one flows because there are multiple strands of hair, the second one doesn’t look natural because it doesn’t have the loose..ness? that hair has. it’s very stiff and also, the lines are too sharp.

here’s another bit, except on when the hair rises off the forehead (like… eridan)

im not really good at this one, but i just make tiny jagged lines. the one on the right is how you.. shouldnt do it

here’s the above applied with jade as a model! for long hair. I usually would of erased most of the lines on the hair, but i kept them there so you guys can see all the strokes i make.

ok thats it owo)b look for the next one!

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