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I made a page to put this on, but I thought I would post an edited one in hopes of it getting more views

So I really want a digital pen tablet, and they are expensive for someone with no income. (I actually need to get a job, but I live in a place where jobs are hard to come by. Stupid Upstate New York, Curse you!)

I am trying to earn it using online reward sites, and it is slow coming! So I am putting my refural links here, so you can help me, and earn rewards yourself! 

Swagbucks! - This one is best. I have earned over 50 dollars in Amazon giftcards. It’s quick and easy, and completely legit. 

Instantcashsweepstakes! - I have just joined this one, and I am already earn lots! It’s easy, and even quicker then Swagbucks!

 I hope you will consider joining these sites, even if you don’t get a referral though me! They are both great. If sign up with my referral, be sure to shoot me an ask, because I will want to thank you and kiss your feet! 

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