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"Would you please take a look at my work and give some tips?"


I received that kind of question two or three times lately and, DAYMN, it’s flattering, you have no idea. <3 I am so glad that you’re enjoying what I am doing and if you decide to seek advice from me, it’s like… wow. Seriously. Wow. Speechless, I am.

However, I’d feel really uncomfortable doing this. I am so sorry! I said before that I’m not the right person for this kind of thing and I mean that. I feel that I’m not in the position for giving critique of that kind because I still have a lot of things to learn myself and, honestly, who am I to pick apart what people obviously have fun with? I wouldn’t even know what I’m talking about. I’d probably stutter like an idiot. xD I have my preferences when it comes to different drawing styles so every comment of mine would probably be a little biased from the start. And if you need some advice for anatomy and all that jazz - well, you really shouldn’t ask me because I have issues in that area as well. I am self-taught but apart from other self-taught artists, I still have no idea what I’m doing. How am I supposed to give advice in such a situation? xD

I am not a critic. I am just a random person who enjoys drawing. I’d like to keep it this way. ;D

There’s some advice I can give to all of you, though: Draw what you would want to see. Draw what you enjoy! I’ve been doing it like this since I could hold a pen. Draw what lies in the bottom of your heart and soul. Artwork that comes from deep inside will automatically reflect your own personality and that’s definitely something people enjoy! I do!

I really have no other explanation than that for why people like my stuff. It’s not perfect, it’s wonky, it has flaws but it is mine. No one else can see into your head after all so use your imagination. Let it flow. The rest will come to you, sooner or later. ;D And if you really want to learn - use some references of photos (or anything else) you like! (I rarely/never do that but that’s a quirk of mine.) It’s perfectly legit, it is NOT cheating and it’s helpful for getting a grasp on expressions and anatomy! Look at yourself in the mirror for expressions. That might sound stupid but I’m serious! Also, sketch a lot! Not every piece has to be a finished masterpiece. Sketching will help you to find your flow!

End of horrible advice.

Yeah. I’m… out then. Been babbling waaayyy to much again. 8I See you guys tomorrow evening! <3

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I made a page to put this on, but I thought I would post an edited one in hopes of it getting more views

So I really want a digital pen tablet, and they are expensive for someone with no income. (I actually need to get a job, but I live in a place where jobs are hard to come by. Stupid Upstate New York, Curse you!)

I am trying to earn it using online reward sites, and it is slow coming! So I am putting my refural links here, so you can help me, and earn rewards yourself! 

Swagbucks! - This one is best. I have earned over 50 dollars in Amazon giftcards. It’s quick and easy, and completely legit. 

Instantcashsweepstakes! - I have just joined this one, and I am already earn lots! It’s easy, and even quicker then Swagbucks!

 I hope you will consider joining these sites, even if you don’t get a referral though me! They are both great. If sign up with my referral, be sure to shoot me an ask, because I will want to thank you and kiss your feet! 

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For that anon! I don’t know if the gif thing works, so I posted all the other process pictures below it. BUT THE FIRST THING IS AN ANIMATION OF ALL OF THEM TOGETHER I: 

scratch that, the GIF didn’t work I: But have all the progress pictures! most of them anyway.

Hope it helps? I know that I like looking at progress pictures, so I hope you do!

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