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This is the third series of a really good resource book, I would encourage everyone to buy and keep supporting this company.

I’m unsure where to find it exactly besides Kinokuniya but has it.

Halcyon Realms has a " How to buy from Japan Amazon" tutorial here. I usually just order a bunch of books through Kinokuniya since it’s at a slight cheaper shipping price. 

I also did previews for the other two books.

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Part 1/4 OF Zack’s tutorial on how to draw the menz for Zu. (take it with a grain of salt)



The first example shows the basic difference between the generic (Important to remember that this is not fixed and is subject to variations that blur the line.) feminine and masculine forms.

The female form often has hips as wide as or wider than the ribs.
The masculine form is generally straight from ribs to hips or wider in the ribs.

Also men have less body fat and a fit man will be top heavy as shown in the second example most of his weight is in the upper portion of his pecks compared to the female form with the majority of her weight resting in the underside of her breasts.

The third picture shows squash and stretch in the male form, in particular if a man lifts his arms the underside of his pecks will next to disappear becoming smoothed out wile the top side will be squashed upwards.


Something that really helps me when I’m drawing something new is mapping out the very basic flow/deciding were the movement is in the picture. Then I’ll draw a thumbnail version of my picture just to get a handle on what I want to accomplish before I commit to the full size version.          

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