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On Teaching Children

To the anon:

Though I have not worked as an art teacher, I have worked with children in a creative classroom setting. If you’re dealing with children younger than middle school, you’ll want to have a few things in your back pocket.

  1. A physical activity that involves jumping, running, or dancing in place.
  2. A song that is easy to learn and easy to sing with several verses.
  3. A flexible lesson plan in case the subject matter does not interest them or unforeseen circumstances arise.

Kids have a lot of energy. A lot.So really be prepared to start a workout regiment when teaching them, otherwise you just won’t keep up.

As far as subject matter goes, since they’re home schooled you’d really have to ask their parents or consult your local education guidelines. But on the whole I’d contact a local school with an art program (try magnet or charter schools) and email the art teacher for tips or a copy of their lesson plans. It can’t hurt in the end.

I hope these few tips help you out.

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Anonymous asked: do you have any tips for keeping a tablet cord from becoming messed up during travel? my last two tablets lasted a year because I unplugged and moved them around more, and I think that messed up their cords, which is what eventually broke them. my tablet now I just always keep plugged in and never move much, and thus it's lasted longer, but I'm going to have to start taking it places to work and I'm paranoid about ruining the cord, since I really don't want my tablet to break again. any advice?

This is actually a problem I also suffer from so much that I am planning to  buy a wireless adapter. lol

The only thing I can think of is to make sure not to put pressure on cords around the plugs, and maybe keep the cord in special place to keep it untangled.

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Kickstarter to help artists add more life to their poses

Thought your blog readers might be interested in this: I’ve got a Kickstarter called the “Pose Drawing Sparkbook”. It’s a tool designed to help artists put more life and personality into their poses. Here’s the link:

Also, to promote the project I’m giving away a free download of 100 sketchbook ideas. No strings attached:

If you like what I’m doing, feel free to share both links with your blog readers. Thanks!

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