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Practice Makes Perfect

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Archery Photoshoot - Free Use Refs Requested by Werecakes

Archery shoot! This is a very small shoot, with the intention of helping fantasy artists with real live fleshy archer interaction! (I Jadedsilk am the model in these images, and I am not at full draw in many of these shots or have mildly irregular “not perfect” posture because I am attempting not to shoot my photographer. Imagine that n.n;) Thank you TRPSTRIFE, for your photography help! Soon we will update with some male archery model shots. While nothing here is ‘perfect’ or of ‘wonderful quality’, our goal is to provide all level of artists with decent references that are free for use without having to sell their soul. :D  We hope you enjoy!  (Better versions being uploaded to DA now, net not cooperating tonight. Obviously, pics have to be small for tumblr.)

For any questions on stock usage, please refer to this journal here:

Stock Folder Direct Link:

The people in our photographs are real people. We do not touch up, starve ourselves, or work out for anyone’s pleasure but our own. We believe in being ourselves and it shines through rather nicely. Please refrain from derogatory remarks about the models, shots, situations or photography. Remember. Free. <3


Please do not repost or re-upload these images anywhere else.

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I feel pretty bad about not keeping up with toerning’s Easy/Hard Challenge, AND for not updating in sooooo long, so I basically started over today!  The first one is a mixture of poses since I already did the first challenge before, second one is “Interior,” and the third image is “Color.”  If anyone wants to join me feel free to, it’s definitely never too late haha.  I used microns for the poses and really old pastels+Photoshop for the last two.

So I’m not sure if anyone following me attends a CSU school, but my school (Cal State Fullerton!) does this event with DreamWorks called a DreamCrit where we can submit a Visual Development portfolio and two people get the opportunity to have their portfolio critiqued (in this case by Visual Development artist Carlos León) and eight other students get to listen in and take notes.  I was super excited to get to be chosen to listen in this last week!!  If there’s anything I personally got out of it that REALLY stuck with me, it was the importance of having a strong story behind your work and having a character or subject that will become meaningful and personal to the audience.  There were other technical and compositional aspects he went over with other students’ work that was also helpful.

So to anyone attending a Cal State University, you should definitely submit portfolios for it!!! I’m for sure going to keep on submitting since you get the opportunity to have an industry professional individually critique your work!

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Yeah so I made a thing. Idk I was just bored and wanted to add some variety to the people I draw so I tried to make these with characteristics I dont see as much in what I draw.

Ok so  was thinking about girls for most of the time I made these but they’re pretty versatile so I guess you could do  whatever I don’t really care.

And if you use this to draw something you post tag me in it with #queenofawkward27 cuz I’m curious to see the results

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cry·ing  /ˈkrī-iNG/ - the act is defined as a complex secretomotor phenomenon characterized by the shedding of tears from the lacrimal apparatus, without any irritation of the ocular structures.

  In an age where nudity is less vulnerable than genuine emotions, I wanted to explore an aspect of peoples lives that are hidden.
  These are the faces of the intentionally vulnerable. They’re showing you a part of themselves that is usually saved for their loved ones or even sometimes, just themselves.
  You don’t know why they are crying, but you know that this is a rare look into a stranger’s most personal moments.
  Things that were private, now made public.
Secretomotor Phenomenon series by Gracie Hagen

Some excellent reference for how people cry.

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hi-res non-cropped version: part I | part II 

They asked me for a body tutorial, but first a bit of must-to-reads:

  • This tutorial is NOT for beginners
  • Yes, I made this tutorial BUT I’m in no position to say this is 100% correct. This is how I draw, these are my tips that solely adapts to my drawing style and I’m sorry if there are anatomic mistakes. I know I do a lot of them. 
  • When I was cropping this I noticed a lot of grammar mistakes, I’m so sorry I don’t have the time to correct them.
  • I don’t think there is any absurdity here but if I made some big and harming anatomy error please tell me and I will change/delete it
  • I never attend art school or art course, as I said on the tutorial. What I can do is self-taught, that’s why there’s so many errors.
  • the most important: USE REFERENCE IMAGES WHEN DRAWING! If they are real photos and not other drawings is better. This is the truth, you have to copy pictures in order to improve. That doesn’t mean you have to trace them, but observe them until you are able to reproduce it. Especially if you are drawing semi-realistic bodies like me! 

Hhhhh I’m not good with tutorials sorry very much (??)

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