Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

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hi-res non-cropped version: part I | part II 

They asked me for a body tutorial, but first a bit of must-to-reads:

  • This tutorial is NOT for beginners
  • Yes, I made this tutorial BUT I’m in no position to say this is 100% correct. This is how I draw, these are my tips that solely adapts to my drawing style and I’m sorry if there are anatomic mistakes. I know I do a lot of them. 
  • When I was cropping this I noticed a lot of grammar mistakes, I’m so sorry I don’t have the time to correct them.
  • I don’t think there is any absurdity here but if I made some big and harming anatomy error please tell me and I will change/delete it
  • I never attend art school or art course, as I said on the tutorial. What I can do is self-taught, that’s why there’s so many errors.
  • the most important: USE REFERENCE IMAGES WHEN DRAWING! If they are real photos and not other drawings is better. This is the truth, you have to copy pictures in order to improve. That doesn’t mean you have to trace them, but observe them until you are able to reproduce it. Especially if you are drawing semi-realistic bodies like me! 

Hhhhh I’m not good with tutorials sorry very much (??)

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✧ 13crowns 2014 Spring-Cleaning Sale & Clearance


 The Raffle! 

  • Once for every $20 spent (after coupon, not including shipping), your name will be entered into a raffled for free stuff!
  • There will be 3 winners; 1 person will have their choice of a free item up to $20 in value, 2 will be given free items up to $10 in value.
  • Names will be drawn May 4th, at 10pm EST.
  • Winners will be contacted via Etsy messages May 4th or May 5th.


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